'Nazis! Nazis! Everywhere Nazis! And Girls Are Dumb!'
Joseph Brean, National Post, Liar, Kosher Hitman,
Propagandist for the Internationalist Hostile Elite
Inside the strange mind of Joseph Brean (See his favorite perverted poems below)

Julian Lee
In his first call Bean used a masked number; didn't give me any indication he was with a newspaper:

When I called him back, thinking he was a client, he started talking about Evalion and was all friendly in tone, though planning to publish unfounded slurs..
  A page created in response Joseph Brean's journalistic malpractice, and casual lies, and creepiness.

Joseph Brean's Article in Question:
Nazis, Nazis, Everywhere Nazis! And That Young Lady Couldn't Be Thinking For Herself!

Canadian dissident Evalion (Veronica Bouchard) gets attacked by the Jewish power structure for criticizing slow-genocide of White nations via Jewish- engineered immigration. The Jewish establishment, ever-seeking intellectual totalitarianism, is willing to smear her in every possible way in their attempt to silence those who speak out against White demographic decline and displacement and the Jewish power that foments it. If any fellow whites attempt to help Veronica -- even by buying her lunch or giving her $10 dollars, the weight of the Jewish media machine is brought to bear on them, to smear them and keep the insane Jewish "White-ethnic-interests-are- supremacism" narrative intact. Slur words like "supremacist," "Nazi," "racist," and "hater" are their stock-in-trade for shaming White Europoeans into acquiesence to their own racial demise. This along with moral/sexual shaming as we see practiced by Joseph Brean in the article above.  It's clear  to any observer Evalion used Hitler and the Nazi period -- in a few of her videos -- as a polemic to break taboos and open the envelope of free speech so ideas like "Whites have ethnic interests too" can be discussed, rather than continuously shut out by  the Jewish establishment as 'beyond the pale' of acceptable thought. If one says "Hitler was not all bad" then it doesn't sound so extreme to say "All peoples deserve to keep the nations they created, as ethnic bastions, just as the Jews have."
The Jewish Origins Of The Open-Borders Movement

Why is this Jew so gross?

Left: In the recent Tweet  Joseph Brean, of the National Post,shows his true love of vulgar language and profane thoughts. Notice the allusion to bestiality. He's actually asking one of his female friends if she "f----ed" a non-human creature, even asking her to tell him about it, basically sexually harassing her, grossing her out, and revealing his perversity. In the item below Brean, typically flexible, becomes the Vicar of Modesty and Preceptor of Moral Decorum to outrage the Christian Gentiles, morally attacking a White dissident (Evalion) for wearing a dress with a low neckline.
Veronica in Toronto with her mother, December 24, 2016

Veronica Bouchard
Out with mom in Toronto on Christmas Eve, trying to find a little Christmas spirit two days after kosher hitman Joseph Brean attacked her intelligence, morality, and honesty in dozens of Jew-owned newspapers across Canada. There can be little doubt they chose Christmas time on purpose.

Joseph Bream Demonstrating His Weightlessness

Gutter-dweller Joseph Brean is hard to find on the internet! Just this one blurry photo from his Twitter, and it was placed upside down. Clearly he prefers to throw rocks, lobs lies, and spew disinfo for (((The Genocidalists))) from a safe place in the shadows. The name Brean has some Jewish connections, and we will be posting 10-20 other strong signs that Joseph Brean is Jewish and running genocidal errands for The Tribe.
More about Joseph Brean's Sex Life. Below, another perverted sex poem he posted on his Twitter. 

In the poem above posted by Joseph Brean a woman is described as his "assassin", who 'works on his sinews.' It talks about "discipline." He describes the two of them as "chosen." He wants to do some kind of ceremony with her, on a marble floor.

Is Joseph Brean a part of the kosher-rooted sex and murder-sacrifice rings that are now leaking out? In any case Joseph Brean has very perverted thoughts. The poems he posts on his Twitter are very weird.

Joseph Brean's Death and Destruction Fantasies

Below: One of the strangest favorite poems of Joseph Brean, posted at his Twitter, appears to crave to make death and destruction. Is Joseph Brean insane? Analysis below.

In this poem the writer states that he burned down his own house. (His own country?)  It says that "certain creatures" (not all) were burned up in the fire. Because of that the writer is like a god and sails "from sky to sky" while he revels in "blackness." This sailing boat came from the "mutilated wings" of those he destroyed by setting the fire. The "certain creatures" may hint at White people, "racists," etc. Some have said "Jews are the destroyers" and that they destroy in order to gain power and control. The writer is comfortable in a boat made of mutilated wings of others. In the history of Jewish ritual sacrifice (of Gentiles), and some recent serial killer cases, we can find many associations to this poem. Jews fancy themselves as "light bearers." This poem has "certain creatures" murdered by the "light," which is really a fire. Jews are said to be the ones primarily behind the destructive atom bomb. Could this poem be a secret window, not only into the mind of genocidalist Joseph Brean, but into the Jewish mind itself and how Jews view the world and their destiny? If nothing else, clearly Joseph Brean has destruction fantasies and power fantasies. His affection for this poem may mean that he is insane and possibly dangerous.

Why is this Jew so creepy? (Further on we will document the much evidence that he is a Jew.)
Below: Joseph Brean drooling over a low-income, fatherless White girl Veronica Bouchard (Evalion) who, from her humble bungalow in the suburbs with a hard-working and stressed-out single mother, dared to speak about Jewish-led ethnic cleansing of Whites in their nations and who, worst of all, did it articulately and with humor, wit, and personal charm:

* * * *

  Veronica Bouchard, December 2016


Veronica Bouchard responding to Brean's article 12/25/2016:

Joseph Brean's favorite poems reveal his fantasies

Joseph Brean of the National Post 
has this gross poem on his Twitter because he is clearly fond of the poem. The poem is about a man having an adulterous affair with another man's wife. Pervertedly, the poem visualizes tumors on their lips.

Brean imagines having a magic power to get women to open their legs to him.
Below: Joseph Brean the anti-sexist, some days before he depicted ethnic nationalist Veronica Bouchard as a woman who has no mind of her own and can only be manipulated by men. The 2nd tweet, we have no idea.


Veronica recently, showing
off new Christmas Dress

In this odd recent Tweet Joseph Brean likens his journalistic work to shooting spitballs.
The topic was, apparently, a fellow Joseph was trying to expose for moral misdeeds:


Jewish word genius gets satisfaction from his own verbal brilliance

More of Joseph Brean being decorous and championing moral culture. In the image to right Joseph Brean tweets about one of his proudest accomplishments as a journalist and in the use of the English language. In his article 2 days ago about Veronica Bouchard, the Jew was whispering scandal that she wore a low necked dress and you could see some of her skin. With the tweet he shows a photo of the Ashkenazi crypto-Jew pornographer Huge Hefner with some of his abused and commoditized Gentile women.

If I was using Joseph Brean's approach to journalism I would say that he posted Hefner because Hefner is his hero. After all, Brean says whatever he likes, whether it's true or not. But we Gentiles are too honest. I know Brean was just using sex to sell, like with his Evalion smearing, as Jews are wont to do.


Right: This image was posted on Joseph Brean's Twitter. At first glance it seems that he only likes it because it contained the word "ass." Brean likes using the s- and f-word which is a clue about his ethnicity. But on closer reading it's clear  the poem expresses anti-White sentiment. Notable phrases:

"...to bring him coloured hockey on the telly" (The poem refers to a White man.)

"baring his royal canadian ass"

"thinks his sins require he be dismembered"
(Note: Jews like the double- and triple-screw. In this case the Jews, after creating "white guilt" in Whites via twisted propaganda, then mock the White for having White guilt.)

The poem posits, like a Gospel truth, that Whites have great "sins."

"Teeth going..."

Basically the poem mocks older Whites of Canada, who created Canada. Notice how the poem does not capitalize "Canadian" but it capitalizes "Harvest Home" and "Sam."

The poem says 'global winds' which refers to the Jews agenda to "globalize" everywhere, or put all lands under Jewish cultural hegemony and destroy the variety of unique nations. Jews think that these deculturalization and deracination trends they stoke are inevitable and certain.
Joseph Brean's favorite anti-White poetry

Jews are the premiere anti-Whites today. Jews wish to delegitimize nations. 
Joseph Brean's anti-White sentiment is further evidence that he is a Jew.

Jewish publications like to carry articles by Joseph Brean. Gee, I wonder how that could be? In the following article, searchable on Isranet, "journalist" Joseph Brean defends the Jewish organization B'Nai Brith.


Above and Below: Joseph Brean can't resist showing his Jewish predilections and Jewish sense of humor. 

Joseph Brean is always on the scene when a slight to the Jew is detected:

At the link "journalist" Brean can found foaming at the mouth at a newspaper that dares to speak about Jews as if they exist.

Or as if Jews have any agendas (who could imagine that?), which thoughts are, we know, forbidden thoughts. (Or else how can Jews keep growing unrestrained in influence if anybody is allowed to speak about them except with praise!)

Moral Preceptor and Warden-of-Appropriate-Behavior Joseph Brean congratulates his company
on their recent festivities and tells which part he liked best.
It seems that Joseph Brean has devoted at least half of his career to shoring up the Jewish anti-White narrative and constantly stoked zeitgeist that seeks to cow Whites and make them supine, raising no objection to race-replacement-immigration-that-makes-Jews-happy. Here Brean is found writing for yet another (3rd we've seen) Jewish publication, "Stand With Us." Brean is really good at representing the Jewish and Israeli point-of-view! So good  Jewish publications -- who typically feature Jewish writers -- love his articles:

Could this be the reason Brean demonizes pro-White dissidents, smears them, and tells whatever lie he can reach for? Because he's Jewish?  As of now we have over 10 signs that Joseph Brean is a Jewish cultural gatekeeper, and will be listing them here.

Comment on Brean's article at the Vancouver Sun site, one of the few Canadian newspapers smearing Evalion that allows any comments:

Joseph Brean: Writer of Biased Articles
In the article below Joseph Brean is named as most biased reporter doing "worst media coverage." Brean is caught being a shill for Jewish Big-Pharma. Got to keep the goyim mind-messed and on those profitable drugs! Is his  biased reporting on psychiatry/meds due to the fact that Brean goes to psychiatrists and is on pharma drugs?


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